Gardening, Weed control & Hedges

"Wow! Who’s your gardener?"

Gardening and mowing are the mainstay of our business. With experience since 1998 we are familiar with just about every type of plant growing in the Sydney Basin. Gardening can be considered both as an art, and as a science. Because plants are often grown in conditions markedly different from those of their natural environment, it is necessary to apply to their cultivation techniques derived from plant physiology, chemistry, and botany, modified by the experience of the planter. The basic principles involved in managing a garden are the same in all parts of the world, but the practice naturally needs much adaptation to local conditions. Having lived in Sydney all of my life, plants, shrubs and trees of this area are second nature and of course my passion. We conduct all types of garden maintenance. Simply put, we get our hands dirty and don’t let anyone down.

A big thumbs down to weeds

Not only unsightly, weeds take space, light, water and food from your wanted plants. They can also harbour pests and diseases. Your garden will never be free of weeds but they are easier to control if you adopt the approach of “a little weeding often”. Many of our clients have already taken advantage of this service. For a little extra each time we mow your lawn, we can keep on top of weeds wherever they may be. It makes no sense at all to allow plants you don’t want to rob water from those you do
How many people have battled with lawn weeds over the years? Lawn weeds must surely be the most pesky problem, yet all is not lost. We can treat your lawn to reduce those unsightly weeds. A thick and healthy lawn, which is not cut short but mown often, helps keep weeds away too.

Impeccable hedges

It takes years of practice to be able to trim a hedge perfectly level. Any mistake and it could be a long time before it repairs. So, best get it right the first time. We can reach your desired heights and shape any hedge to suit.

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