Tree pruning & Overgrown gardens

"With that tree gone look at how much more light streams in!"

We undertake all types of tree trimming. When you want those huge trees carefully pruned or lopped altogether we have the right people for the job. We engage qualified and experienced arborists. Everything is put through the chipper and taken away or, we can spread the woodchip on the garden as mulch. We also grind the stumps.

"I didn’t know our land was so big!"

We’ve resurrected many overgrown gardens. Too many to count. A few hadn’t been touched since the 1970’s. Please don’t think we can’t tidy yours. We have all the equipment and energy to come in and conduct a thorough clean-up of your property.
It’s a terrific feeling when we completely open up an overgrown space. We find immense satisfaction in this type of work. The more overgrown the better.

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