Automatic Irrigation systems

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"Watering never got easier"

We supply and fit both lawn and garden irrigation. Everything from simple battery operated timer systems attached to your garden tap through to hard wired timers with rain gauges and solenoids that water different zones as required. We custom design your system using the latest products from Toro, Rainbird, Hunter and Netafim.

Garden drip irrigation works for traditional gardens, raised beds, and even patio container gardens. You can set the timer as needed for your climate, space, and specific plants. The timer makes sure you never forget a watering, and you can even go on holidays without worrying that your plants are being neglected. Best of all, you actually use a lot less water by using drip irrigation.

Lawn sprinkler systems are great tools for helping keep the lawn at its peak condition. Gone are the days of brown dry unsightly grass. Gone are the days of lugging a hose and sprinkler all over the yard to keep your grass watered. Today it can be done with a programmable controller that you can set and forget. The Irrigation system simplifies your life and provides you with an easy solution to possess a beautifully lush green lawn with little effort on your part.

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