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    Looking for a gardener or someone to maintain the lawn? Well you’ve finally found one you can rely on. We have been operating since 1998. We offer a range of services relating to lawn and garden design, creation and regular ongoing maintenance. Take a look at our services list. Regular maintenance or a one-off visit suits us down to the ground.

    We’re committed to providing products and services that give you “more time for the things you love.” As a result we’ve trialled a variety of products over the years and have found what we believe to be the best available. To achieve the perfection of a velvety smooth, immaculate lawn and healthy, robust plants simply click on our contact us page.

    Have pets? We do too. So we understand the importance of keeping them safe inside.
    High security? You don’t need to be there to let us in. We have keys and codes for many properties.
    Many of our regular clients live abroad and want to ensure that when they return home that the grounds are well kept. Wouldn’t it be nice to travel in the knowledge that your gardener will do their job and not let you down?
    We’ve never closed our doors. Not even for a day since 1998. We alternate our time off so there is always someone working. If we’re due to visit you, rest assured we always get there.
    So please give us a call or go to our contact us page as we will be only too happy to see you.

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    "Before I started JPT Property Services I worked at two award winning Real Estate Agencies in Sydney."

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    Take a look at our list of properties we maintain or have done so previously.

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